SBCA Board of Directors

Gil Skinner
Joe Guillien
Vice President
Peggy Ponto
Christine Spagle
Dave Jurca
Director at Large
Peggy Thuottle
Director at Large
Director at Large
Mark Torres
GM & Ex Officio Member

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  • Meetings: Second Thursday of the month
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  • SBCA Board of Directors — The Bay Club — 120 Spinnaker Place — Port Ludlow, WA 98365

SBCA Governance

From the Master Declaration:

. . . non-profit corporation(s) for the management, maintenance, social, physical, aesthetic and recreational purposes of benefiting South Bay Owners, Residents and Occupants, which non-profit corporations may
(1) acquire, operate, manage and maintain recreational facilities and Common Areas declared to be maintained by the various associations in this Declaration or any subsequent Supplemental Declarations;
(2) establish, levy, collect and disburse any assessments and other charges imposed hereunder; and
(3) as the agent and representative of the Members, administer and enforce use and other restrictions imposed on various parts of South Bay; . . .
Master Declaration

Document Repository

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  • Physical Document Repository: The Bay Club – 120 Spinnaker Place – Port Ludlow, WA 98365

Last updated 7/25/2022