Art Exhibit at the Bay Club

During May, you can enjoy the captivating photography of Steve Deligan at the Bay Club.

Photography has always been a way for Steve to express nature in its ideal yet raw state.

Featured Artist – Steve Deligan

“I try to focus on the essence of what I see in front of me and make the image as minimal as possible in order to create a feeling that what you are seeing is exactly how it is supposed to be. The ideal yet still raw.”, states Steve.

Steve’s art exhibit features images of the Pacific Northwest in all of its majesty. All photographs are local except the images from Hawaii which has its own incredible beauty. The images are in both color and black and white, and in normal-exposures and long-exposures depending on how the scene presents itself.

Steve began film photography 30 years ago and finds it to be a way to help center himself regardless of what the world tosses at us. Today, his photography is fully digital but he still uses photography as a comfortable reminder of the past. After teaching for 32 years, Steve told himself upon retiring that now was his time to see what he can do with his photography beyond simply printing images for his own use. He hopes the images helps his viewers find some peace and comfort in these turbulent times.

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