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Micro Weights
Slant Board
Updated Barbell Bar

Introducing Micro Weights

One of the most fundamental fitness principles is that if you want to get stronger, you need to slowly increase the weight you are lifting. This explains why our fixed dumbbells come in 5 lb. increments. But what happens when a 5 lb. increment feel too tough? Is it possible to add weights in smaller increments? The answer is yes! We are pleased to announce that the Bay Club has purchased “Micro Gainz 1.25 lb. fractional weight plates” that can be clipped onto any dumbbell handle. You will find them on the weight plate tree.

Our First Slant Board

Slant Boards provide a wonderful way to stretch your Achilles tendon and calf muscles before/after your workout. Perhaps you’ve seen them at your favorite physical therapist’s office. Now you can now find them at the Bay Club, too. These adjustable devices are also beneficial for folks recovering from plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon injuries/surgery, shin splints, calf strains and other foot and ankle injuries and pain (checking with your doctor or physical therapist before using may be a good idea). Easy instructions for the slant board can be found in the notebook hanging on a wall in the weight room. For your own safety, you may want to place it in front of the stretching bar, so, if necessary, you have something to grab on to.

An Updated Barbell Bar

We now have a 7-foot barbell bar which weighs 19 lbs. Why did we need another bar? The old 6’ barbell is of a larger old-style diameter too big for new clip collars. Given the fact that: a) Someone pilfered the old clip collars; and b) we could not find replacements, we decided the time was right to purchase a new one.

Want to try out these new devices? Come on down to the Bay Club!

Image by Gilberto Rodrigues

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