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The South Bay Community Association includes sixteen villages. All of them are subject to the SBCA's Master Declaration. Many of the villages have homeowners associations with additional regulations.

The South Bay Community Association has an active Architectural Review Committee (ARC). Their mission is to help maintain and protect property values and the overall attractive appearance of South Bay for the benefit of all homeowners. Their function is to review Architectural and Landscape requests for compliance with the governing documents.


Bayview Village

Bayview is a community of fifty-five single family homes on the south side of Port Ludlow. Most have views of the marina and Puget Sound. Bayview Village is a community of seniors 55+.

Board Members & Committee Chairs
  • President: Mary Beth Neill
  • Vice President: Gregory Peña
  • Secretary: Judy McCay
  • Treasurer: Mary Baker Anderson
  • Members at Large: NIck Uram, Gary Bequette, Frank Ricco
  • Landscape Chair: Nick Uram
  • ARC Representative: Gary Bequette
  • Bayview Village HOA — PO Box 65395 — Port Ludlow, WA 98365
  • contactxxxbayviewvillagexxxinfoxxxThrough SBCA


Edgewood Village

Edgewood was developed as a community of custom homes in South Bay beginning in 1994. Twenty-­seven homeowners reside at Edgewood Drive and Deer Hollow Circle.

Board Members
  • President: Kathy Shelley
  • Vice-­President & Landscaping: Jane Opalko
  • Treasurer: Michael Stuber
  • Secretary: Sue Milner
  • ARC Chairman: Kathy Shelley


Fairway Village

Located on the fifth fairway. A small village of forteen condominiums.

Board Members

Here is a list of the officers for Fairway Village Condo Assoc.:

  • President: Joe Ahladis
  • Vice President & ARC: Chris Orton
  • Secretary: Chris Orton
  • Member at Large: Doug Fett
  • fairwayxxxsbcaxxxclubxxxFairway Board


Fairwood Village

Fairwood Village is a quiet enclave of nineteen beautiful homes perched on a hillside above the Port Ludlow Golf Course. The street names Dogleg Lane and Par Four Court reflect proximity to the golf course.

Board Members
  • President: Joe Vozarik
  • Vice President: Rick Roehrenbeck
  • Co-Vice President/Landscaping: John & Sheri Griffith
  • Secretary: Victoria Barri
  • Treasurer: Rob Hamilton
  • ARC Representative: Joe Vozarik
  • fairwood.presxxxsbcaxxxclubxxxContact via SBCA
  • Fairwood Village HOA — c/o Joe Vozarik — 134 Dog Leg Lane — Port Ludlow, WA 98365


Greenview Village

Greenview has sixteen houses. It is inside the golf course with a common park amoung the houses.

Board Members
  • President: Ron Dawson
  • Vice President/Safety & Management: Norm Shisler
  • Secretary: John Goldwood
  • Treasurer: Cyndy Kelly
  • Vice President/ARC Contact: Joe Kelly
  • greenviewxxxsbcaxxxclubxxxGreenview Board


Hidden Cove Village

Hidden Cove Village is a small group of 14 houses nestled around a small cove. S. Keel Way is a cul-de-sac that runs parallel to Paradise Bay Road for easy and quick access. The Bay Club, with all its facilities, is less than a five minute walk away. Our village has easy access to several trails and we are surrounded by beautiful trees and sunshine.

Board Members
  • President– Susan Shadrick
  • Secretary – Peggy Hatheway
  • Treasure– Kim Gordon
  • ARC Representative: Larry Bomke
  • hiddencovexxxsbcaxxxclubxxxHidden Cove Board


Inner Harbor

The Village has forty-six condominiums, nine duplex units and four quad units. It is adjacent to The Bay Club.

Board Members
  • President: Dan Quail
  • Vice President: Bev Rothenborg
  • Secretary: Cindy Rice
  • Treasurer: Nancy Aikman
  • Member-at-Large: Steve Burns
  • boardxxxihvcaxxxcomxxxContact via SBCA
  • IHVCA — PO Box 65200 — Port Ludlow, WA 98365

April 18, 2021


Ludlow Cove II

The Cove has forty-two cottage style homes. They offer open concept floor plans, charming front porches and main floor master suites.

Board Members & ARC Rep
  • Bob Grindeland, President
  • Carol Riley, Secretary
  • Kathy Robertson, Treasurer
  • ludlowcoveiixxxsbcaxxxclubxxxBoard Contact


Ludlow Point 1

Ludlow Point 1 is an informal village of two geographically isolated areas, located primarily on South Bay Lane or West Ludlow Point Road.

Contact the SBCA for ARC issues. contactxxxsbcaxxxclubxxxLP1 Contact


Ludlow Point 3

Ludlow Point Village Three has seventeen homes and one vacant lot. Half the homes are on the waterfront.

Board Members
  • President: Dianne Ridgley
  • Vice President & ARC: Anne Ashmore
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Lindsay Ashmore
  • Member at Large: Randy Triplett

April 19, 2021


Ludlow Point 4

LPV4 consists of twenty homes, all great neighbors.

Board Members
  • President: Teresa Forrest
  • Secretary: Patricia Lea
  • Treasurer: Pamela Padgett
  • ARC Contact: Teresa Forrest
  • Member at Large: Mike Mathy
  • ludlowpoint4xxxsbcaxxxclubxxxBoard Contact

April 18, 2021


Olympic Terrace I

Olympic Terrace is composed of forty-two single family homes, some of which have Olympic Mountains views. It is off Teal Lake Road and Springwood Drive.

Board Members
  • Fred Faulkner, President
  • Karen Weaver, Vice President
  • Mario (Chris) Grassi, Treasurer
  • Anna Moffitt, Secretary


Olympic Terrace II

Olympic Terrace II offers forty-one home sites. This beautiful neighborhood offers picturesque landscape and mountain views, as well as enchanting sights and sounds of nature.

Board Members
  • Diana Smeland, President
  • Dave Jurca, Vice President
  • John Simpson, Secretary
  • olympicterr2xxxsbcaxxxclubxxxBoard Contact


Teal Lake Village

Teal Lake Village is a unique Port Ludlow neighborhood with landscape maintenance, spectacular views and sidewalks. Best of all, we're friendly neighbors.

Board Members
  • Steve Hammond, President & Landscaping
  • Patty Patterson, Vice President & ARC
  • Tom Britton, Secretary
  • Tom Sprandel, Treasurer
  • TLVA — PO Box 65011 — Port Ludlow, WA 98365
  • boardxxxtlvaxxxusxxxSBCA Contact


Timberton Village

Timberton is the second largest Village in South Bay, in terms of homes and the largest in terms of area. The most distinctive feature of Timberton is the beautiful evergreen forest that surrounds us.

Board Members
  • President: Roger Bryan
  • Vice President: John Sweet
  • Secretary: Ann Louise Maynard
  • Treasurer: Thomas Snelson
  • Member: Samer Elgezawi


Woodridge Village

A beautiful, quiet village on a wooded ridge with stunning views of the Olympic Mountains and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Conveniently located on the Puget Sound and the Olympic Peninsula — the playground of the Northwest.

Board Members
  • President – Kermit Johnson
  • Secretary – John Cacho
  • Treasurer – Jim McDonald
  • ARC Coordinator – Glen Bell
  • Woodridge Village Homeowners Association — c/o John Cacho — 532 Woodridge Dr — Port Ludlow, WA 98365
  • boardxxxwoodridgeplxxxorgxxxWoodridge Board


Notes to SBCA's Villages

The SBCA's Communications Committee stands ready to help you. Contact us at: contactxxxsbcaxxxclubxxxVillage Update.
We will:

  • Update your info.
  • Link your website.
  • Set up an email forwarder.
  • Help you set up your own independent website.
  • Publish your CC&R's on the SBCA's Document Repository.